Posted on: February 27, 2018



Champagne and Cocktail Tours


The dry spell on the river is officially over!


Rutherford’s are super excited to be the first punting company with an alcohol licence.


The existing punting companies had been selling tours with drinks without licences, which was raised as an issue following the application last year for a punt bar on the river Cam. Following this, Cambridge’s official punting companies had to cease selling tours with alcohol.


Rutherford’s took action and last year Emma immediately applied for her personal licence, which is for life. You can view the licence online here. Once obtaining this, she secured a premises licence to store the alcohol safely.


We’re celebrating being the first punting company to have a legal licence to sell Champagne, Pimm’s and Cocktail tours.  We’re looking forward to offering innovative tour experiences to our customers this summer.


“The team here at Rutherford’s are thrilled to be the first punting company with a licence. We’ll be celebrating with a toast today!” Tyler Lucas, Operations Manager.


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