Cambridge College Backs Overview

Beaucroft Timepiece Punting Tour

Partnering with independent horologists Beaucroft, we’ve launched an exclusively Cambridge punting experience.

Beaucroft is an independent watchmaker, combining elegant styling, fresh design and classic mechanical timekeeping. These timepieces are inspired by everything Cambridge.

Sip chilled champagne as you glide past the famous riverside Colleges during your very own private timepiece consultation.

As you journey through time with us, you will hear how Cambridge has influenced the very science of time, and what makes Beaucroft watch designs so unique to the city.

Beaucroft experts will join your punting tour of the spectacular College Backs. They’ll provide one to one guidance on an array of unique watch faces and straps, helping you choose the best style for your taste.

Relax on this sublime punting tour as you mull over the selection, design choices and fitting of your timepiece. Your own beautiful creation of time powered by premium automatic movements – super slim, designed with high precision and lovely to look at!

This amazing experience makes a perfect treat, a unique gift for a loved one, a memorable romantic day out for lovers or the perfect way to finish your Cambridge experience.

The Cambridge Beaucroft Watch Experience

What is the difference between a timepiece and a watch, moreover why choose a timepiece over a watch?

Watches are practical items that one wears to tell the time. They are functional and do a job well – you can grab one from practically anywhere and it will help you to be on time for your appointments.

We believe that a timepiece, on the other hand, is much more than this. Your timepiece is born through a combination of a piece of your heart and life experience paired with carefully sourced materials, thoughtful design and a fantastic fitting experience. You’ll rightly feel great pride in wearing your timepiece, bringing meaning to your attire as a reflection of you, your personality, life and style.


Booking Your Beaucroft Punting Tour

Our Beaucroft Tours can be booked between 10am and 5pm. You can choose to book the experience as an individual or as a couple. You can bring along up to 2 friends to experience the tour.  For last minute bookings, please contact our Bookings Team on 01223 322200.

You’re very welcome to order from our sister company, The Cambridge Bar to add additional refreshments and sustenance to your tour. 

On The Day – The Beaucroft Timepiece Experience

Our 45 minute Beaucroft punting tours are bookable in advance and will be waiting for you at your preferred time. Head directly to our Jesus Green Moorings just 2 minutes along the boardwalk from the Quayside to take your tour – it’ll be set up and ready to go at the time you selected.

If you’ve ordered from our sister company, The Cambridge Bar, your additional refreshments and sustenance will be waiting for you at the moorings on the day. 

Both our boats and our employees will be dressed for the weather on the day. If it’s sunny, your guide will be wearing a waistcoat. At cooler times of the year, your guide will wear a professional coat and your boat will be equipped with umbrellas.

What to do if you’re running late? Your private booking will be held for you for 5 minutes, after this point it wouldn’t be possible to go on the tour as this would mean missing our later bookings. Please call us the moment you know of any delays to your schedule and we’ll try to organise things to accommodate you.

About Your Senate Timepiece – First Edition

The Senate is Beaucroft’s first edition watch, in high demand, exclusive and collectable.

There are four distinct styled dials, with Cambridge colours and an array of designer straps.

The Senate is automatic timepiece, and offers a clean and contemporary style, with a splash of colour creating character for the owner.

The features are carefully balanced for symmetry and beauty. The Senate design is focused on the bits that matter; clarity of dial, accurate timekeeping, comfort on the wrist and subtle details designed to delight.

Cambridge Timepiece Punting Experience

Cambridge Inspired Design

The Senate offers the choice colours of Cambridge Blue, Senate House White and Stone Grey to match the stone of the old town architecture.

The aesthetically beautiful teardrop logo was inspired by many of the details seen in the old college architecture – found around entrance ways, in windows and most specifically for us; the shape surrounding the striking clock of Kings College.

The central body of the Senate’s casework is named the ‘Bridge’, with curves inspired by the beautiful bridges seen from the Backs.

Beautiful Creations of Time.

Beaucroft Senate Watch Colour Choices - Cambridge Timepiece

What’s In A Name? Introducing The Senate

Senate House is a famed Cambridge landmark, linked to many historical moments and traditions, as well as the yearned for graduation ceremonies and revelries of academic excellence.

Senate House Passage is the beautiful street behind the building and is just as special, linking many of the great colleges with a traditional lamp-lit cobbled walkway through the old town.

Walking this path, you’ll travel through time, with inspiration from the beauty and history behind the city and the university. It’s a wonderful blend of the old and new.

Walking here,  you can imagine following in the footsteps of the famous alumni and town characters who frequented this path. Nearly 300 years of individuals – you can almost feel their stories, their lives and ambitions.

An ideal name for the city’s first Beaucroft timepiece.

Cambridge Watch Beaucroft - Punting Experience

Head to see our team at the Jesus Green Moorings to start your experience.