Dog Days Out Tours

Dogs on punts! Yes, mankind’s best friends are very welcome on Rutherford’s punting experiences in Cambridge.

In fact, our mascot is a cute little grey Frenchie – Bruno – and he also loves to punt. We highly recommend it and it’s definitely up there as one of the best ways to enjoy time with your furry companion in the city.

We recommend booking our private boating adventure so that both you and your dog have more space to move around. 

Should you choose to join our shared tours, you’ll have to wait until other customers are happy to have your dog onboard with them which is something that we can’t guarantee on every tour!

Please bear in mind that you will remain fully responsible for your dog when boarding, disembarking and everything on the tour in between.

We’ll also consider other pets on a case by case basis so give us a call on 01223 322200.

Dog Days Out Information

Our 45 minute private punting tours are bookable in advance and will be waiting for you at your preferred time. Head directly to our Jesus Green Moorings just 2 minutes along the boardwalk from the Quayside to book in for your tour.

Our private tours can be booked throughout the day. Our pricing indicates the number of people that you can bring with you on your tour, boat prices having a maximum of 6 or a maximum of 12 passengers. For last minute bookings, please contact our Bookings Team on 01223 322200.

You’re very welcome to bring along picnics, nibbles and drinks on our private punting tours. 

Both our boats and our employees will be dressed for the weather on the day. If it’s sunny, your guide will be wearing a waistcoat or shirt and perhaps even braces. Alternatively, at colder times of the year, your guide will wear a professional coat and your boat will be equipped with umbrellas.

What to do if you’re running late? Your private booking will be held for you for 5 minutes, after this point it wouldn’t be possible to go on the tour as this would mean missing our later bookings. Please call us the moment you know of any delays to your schedule and we’ll try to organise things to accommodate you.

Doggie Days Out Cambridge