The Ultimate Guide to Cambridge

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This prestigious guidebook has been commended by both the Archbishop of Canterbury and of York.

This guide answers all the questions for both those that travel solo or for those visiting the city as a family or in groups. What will I do? Where am I going to get my coffee? Where are the best eateries? Which are the exceptional tours?

Visit Cambridge with the Best Guidebook

Be sure you don’t miss anything when you visit Cambridge!

This wonderful guidebook includes two fantastic self-guided walking tours, accompanied with a breakdown of Cambridge’s rich history for both the Museums and the University’s remarkable Colleges.

The guidebook is full of local secrets, points of interest, along with overviews of events and a variety of tours available to you within Cambridge.

Best of all, this guide works closely with independent businesses to offer you exclusive discounts on your visit to Cambridge. Supporting the local independents at the heart of our community.

“The Key to Cambridge is a tourist guide written by students, what is special about is that it focuses on discounts and advertising for small independent businesses. Small independent businesses are the core and the key to the life of any community, I strongly commend it”

– Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury.

“The Key to Cambridge is a great introduction to this wonderful city for tourists and locals”

⁃ Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of York