Posted on: March 29, 2018

We are super-excited to announce the launch of our new website at

The development work is designed to bring new features and a streamlined bookings system (Apple Pay, Stripe and PayPal functionality) with relevant and exciting content around the history of Cambridge and its favourite activity – punting!

Our Mobile first principles and a customer experience focus has lead the design process – You’ll find the Cambridge weather forecast for punting and a new reviews section. Your tickets can be saved in directly in your phone wallet to claim your seat on the day.

Unique Rutherford’s punting experiences are available across the website from Champagne punting to romantic tours, these Cambridge experiences are designed to stand out!

Online offers ensure that customers always save money booking ahead compared to the on-the-day prices.


Emma, Founder of Rutherford’s Punting Company, said:


“We’re excited to be launching our new website, designed using the latest build technologies to ensure a fantastic customer journey from initial booking through to the on-the-day experience. Our new website will set a high standard for new travel and tourism websites, offering value for all our customers.”


If you’re looking to hit the river within the next six months, head across to our shared tour page and use the code RUTHERFORDS to claim 30% off your tickets in celebration of our website launch.