Proposal Punting in Cambridge

Your punting proposal story will be told to friends and strangers for the rest of your lives – no pressure!

The most Cambridge way to to pop the question, our proposal punting tour is a unique experience with a personalised service.

Impress your loved one with a proposal in the city’s most spectacular and romantic surroundings, making it a day to remember for both of you.

Your punt will be decorated with rose petals. Your tour includes a glorious bunch of celebratory flowers for the big moment and can be further tailored on request.

Book online and we will call you to discuss your proposal plans and help you to organise the experience.

We’ll guide you when choosing the location for the big moment. There’s an array of locations that you might choose, from the spectacular St John’s College Bridge of Sighs to classic open views at King’s College Chapel.

When planning your proposal, our advice is to put your own spin on our punting experience. You’ll be able to arrange personal touches that will make your day unique.

Our photographer option is available for proposal under the famously romantic Bridge of Sighs, so your photographer can hide out of sight to capture the romantic moment.

Please select the proposal punt and photographer tour from the drop down. The photographer will capture the proposal, then join you for close-ups and, on request, staged shots at other locations.

On the day, your boat will be dressed with plush cushions and snuggly blankets and adorned with beautiful petals in the boat. Your guide and your boat will be ready to board at the time you’ve chosen.

Our award-winning punting tour is an iconic Cambridge experience and the perfect way to enjoy some traditional romance. Relax and enjoy the romantic setting with your partner as your expert chauffeur punts you along the College Backs.

Your unsuspecting partner will be enjoying the sublime views of the College Backs and marvelling the fascinating grandeur as you prepare yourself for the perfect moment.

At the arranged location, your guide will fall quiet and then the rest is up to you! We’ve got your back and will work to ensure that the day goes smoothly.

Quintessential Cambridge romance!

Proposal Punting Information

If you’re looking for your proposal to make a splash then you’ve come to the right place! Our proposal tours are bookable up to 48 hours in advance. Your guide will call you to arrange the details, such as where you wish to pop the big question!

If you’ve opted for photographer, they will liaise with your guide to ensure that they are in the best location for the shoot. You’ll have a chance to do some staged photographs after the proposal, as well as the natural photographs of the moment itself.

On the rare occasion that all of our photographers are prebooked, we’ll call you to discuss either moving the tour or refunding the punting proposal photography.

For last minute bookings please always contact us on 01223 322200 and we’ll do our best to organise things for you.

When you’re ready, check in at our Jesus Green Moorings, a short walk along the boardwalk from Quayside.

Our boats and our employees dress according to the weather on the day. On warm days your guide will wear a waistcoat or a crisp white shirt and braces. Our boats are dressed with cushions and blankets with petals decorating the boat.

In cooler months of the year, your guide will wear a professional coat and your boat will also include extra blankets and hot water bottles with umbrellas in case the weather changes. 

What to do if you’re running late? We’ll hold your booking for 5 minutes, after this point it wouldn’t be possible to go on the tour as this would mean missing our later bookings. Please call us the moment with delays to your schedule as soon as you know and we’ll try to rearrange timings for you.

Head to see our team at the Jesus Green Moorings to start your experience.