Sushi Punting Tours

Top end Cambridge sushi restaurant Sticks’n’Sushi has partnered with us to add sunshine and smiles to your punting experience.

Enjoy a totally Cambridge dining experience on the College Backs surrounded by beautiful architecture, inspired bridges and groomed gardens. 

Sticks’n’Sushi serve only the best quality foods with fresh ingredients forming a combination of traditional sushi and yakitori (skewers). On your sushi tour, you’ll get a selection of delicious sushi treats to enjoy: 


Two People

1 Edamame Beans
1 Sushi Platter
1 Green Bird Salad


Four People

2 Edamame Beans
1 Four Drive Big Platter
2 Green Bird Salads


Eight People

4 Edamame Beans
2 Four Drive Big Platters
4 Green Bird Salads


Your private tour guide and sushi selection boxes will be awaiting your arrival on a beautifully set up punt with a table. Bring your own drinks! 

Book online and we’ll take care of all arrangements, serving your Sticks’n’Sushi meal on the day. Email us at info@rutherfordspunting.com or call us on 01223 322200 with special requests. 

Sushi Punting Information

Our 50 minute sushi tours are bookable up to 24 hours in advance. Your booking includes freshly prepared sushi boxes, the set up of the punt and our VisitEngland accredited tour of the Cambridge College Backs. This option is only available for up to 6 passengers.

From Monday to Friday, please check in with our team on the Quayside before departure. For weekend bookings, head directly to our Jesus Green Moorings just 2 minutes along the boardwalk from the Quayside. For last minute bookings please contact us on 01223 322200 and we’ll do our best to organise a boat for you.

Both our boats and our employees will be dressed for the weather on the day. If it’s sunny, there will be no hot water bottles or umbrellas and your guide will be wearing a waistcoat. Alternatively, at colder times of the year, your guide will wear a professional coat and your boat will be equipped with umbrellas and hot water bottles.

What to do if you’re running late? Your private booking will be held for you for 15 minutes, after this point it wouldn’t be possible to go on the tour as this would mean missing our later bookings, affecting other customers. Please call us the moment you know of any delays to your schedule and we’ll try to organise things to accommodate you.