Posted on: December 6, 2019

With so many options (companies) offering tours for Punting, I certainly made the right choice by opting to use Rutherford’a. I purchased my tickets from the official Travel Information Centre within the city centre for £16.50pp – also know as T.I.C. to the punting companies. You then have the option of four punting companies to choose from – it’s entirely your choice.

Our guided tour (chauffeur) was Pip, he was humorous and extremely knowledgeable with his historical information provided, very factual indeed – the reason I say this, I was already well-informed about the various spots along the river. He effortlessly punted along the calm but hectic river Cam whilst avoiding the want-to-be Punters who were causing nothing more than havoc! Pip made the journey very pleasurable indeed along with his wit and wonderful anecdotes – thanks Pip. I would definitely recommend Rutherford’a to be the tour of choice!

Jason (the curious man with the can!) ☝🏾😀