Posted on: October 31, 2019

It’s that time of year again, the clocks go back and the winter shows that we love hit our screens.

BBC One’s 15th series of The Apprentice aired on 2nd October with 16 brand new contestants fighting it out to win Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment. 

The Apprentice is fantastic for the thrill of watching contestants running round, jumping in and out of taxis, and debating – even outright arguing who’s right, all whilst Sir Alan’s aides are closely watching as the clock ticks. Mayhem!

Excitingly, episode 5 (Wednesday 30th October at 9pm) features the infamous scavenger hunt, where the contestants are given a list of obscure items to buy at the cheapest price in just 24 hours. This year they find themselves in our awesome city of Cambridge and ‘the place that shall not be named’. We know which location we want to win! With our beautiful city being world famous for punting, there had to be something connected on the scavenger hunt. Sure enough, it was at the top of the list – a quant!

A quant is the official name for the 5 metre pole which helps our boats glide seamlessly along the river Cam. Whilst the contestants weren’t after a 45 minute tour from one of our VisitEngland Accredited chauffeurs, they knew we could help with one of the items on their list. With our fantastic boathouse ensuring that we had enough stock, we jumped at the chance to be involved!

Deciding it - a coin flip!

The contestants met with our founder Emma Wynne, and manager Tyler Lucas on the Quayside to negotiate the price of one of our quant poles. Whilst not one of our usual products for sale, we were happy to help, offering a choice of metal (fewer splinters and much lighter) or traditional wood! Given the low budget available to the team we were fair (and wanted them to win) and settled on £50 with a coin flip deciding it!

If you’d like to learn how to punt and use a quant for yourself, head over to our punting experiences page and book yourself a punting lesson!

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