Posted on: February 3, 2022

It’s that time of the year again! 

Love is in the air; and in these uneasy times, being able to do something special with your sweetheart and make magical memories can help you through the winter days.

At Rutherford’s, we’d like to contribute to making a special memory for you, and are offering a special Valentine’s discount of 15% off of Romantic Punting Tours all the way up until the 28th February!

This offer is for all our romantic tour options which are designed to make things extra special. Our Romantic Tours include rose petals, hand held glasses, and either a half bottle of champagne or a full bottle of English Sparkling Wine from our brand new partner, Saffron Grange.

English sparkling wine is often overlooked, and through our partnership with Saffron Grange we’re introducing something incredibly exciting. We’re putting our money where our taste buds are by teaming up with this local boutique family-run vineyard nestled in the Saffron region, where the grapes are planted geographically on the same chalk line as the Champagne region in France (you know, where all the Champagne comes from). This locally produced sparkling wine company is sure to be hailed as one of the best producers in the UK this year, and their exciting flavours of raspberries, chalk, and the tantalising hint of sherbet with alpine strawberries. This is unique and is sure to add the right sparkles to your romantic experience.

We also have a cheeky Punting Date Night, which includes our beautiful glasses, a choice of champagne or beer, and a freshly made pizza per person, which can be booked for 2 people or for those enjoying a double date (for 4 people). 

If you’re looking for a lighter version, our offer is also valid on our delightful Cheese and Punting Tour, which comes with a whopping kilogram of British cheese, yummy biscuits and a jar of chutney with the option to add wine. This tour isn’t exclusive to couples, and groups of up to 6 can enjoy this experience, with extra biscuits and chutney making it suitable for groups of up to 12. 

This time of year is also the time of year where someone might want to….pop a question, if you will. For those of you wanting to do so in a unique Cambridge style, we organise punting proposals.

For your perfect Punting Proposal, we can arrange the details of exactly how you want to propose, organise a surprise bouquet of seasonal flowers for when they say yes (because of course they will say yes!), book you a photographer to capture the moment along with close-ups of the happy couple, all with an option of Champagne or Saffron Grange rose with our beautiful hand held glasses.

So, if you were ever thinking about offering your beloved a sweet serene bit of romance on the river, with all these experiences available with 15% off it’s definitely the time to book!

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