Posted on: August 19, 2016

William Shatner joins Rutherford’s Punt Company for a punt ride through the Cambridge College Backs at a more leisurely warp speed than usual!


Bill took to the water when he joined us at Rutherford’s for an idyllic punt tour. 


We were greatly anticipating Bill’s visit to see us as we had initially been approached about Bill joining us on the river Cam back in June when we met the producer of his upcoming documentary.


Tyler was cherry picked to be Captain Kirk’s personal chauffeur on his voyage through the famously sublime College Backs. It was said this decision was made because the producer found Tyler to be aesthetically pleasing and wanted him to be included in their documentary!


Tyler and his good looks would love to take full credit for sealing the Shatner documentary, but we can’t let him as what really sealed the deal was when the producer was shown Rutherford’s boats. We have handmade beautiful Tyrell’s punts, of which two were brand new on the river in June which meant they also met the high bar set by the producer. 


On the day we took the crew out earlier to work out all of the camera angles and shots before the arrival of Bill. It was during this trial run when Emma, our founder, recommended that Bill should be dropped off at the Granta for a beer, something that he very much enjoyed.


After the tour Bill signed one of our punt cushions “Shatner’s Seat” – lucky for all who sit in his place from now on! We have also decided to name our newest boat on the river “The Enterprise” in honour of Bill.


Overall the crew was a pleasure to work with and Bill himself lived up to his reputation of being funny, fun and just a pleasure to be around.


Try out our private tour experience yourself  – resistance is futile! 


Live long and prosper!


William Shatner Punting in Cambridge